If a second referendum on Brexit was held tomorrow the outcome would be reversed, a new poll suggests

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.55.21 AM.png

The Survation survey claims 54% of Britons (54%) would vote to remain in the European Union if another referendum was held, while 46% would vote to leave.

It also showed a majority of 55% wanting a cross-party coalition of parties negotiating Brexit, compared to 32% still believing the Tory minority Government should do it alone.

A majority of 36% said the best outcome would be to stop exit talks altogether and work to stay in the EU, while 32% backed paying a fee for access to the tariff-free customs union.

According to the poll, only 24% of Britons support the Government’s current strategy of leaving the customs union in order to strike free trade deals with other countries.



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