TCA Award nominations are a refreshing change of pace for one big reason


We all know that Hollywood sucks when it comes to the inclusion of women and minorities on screen and behind the scenes — UCLA’s 2017 Hollywood Diversity Report confirmed that “racial minorities and women remain severely underrepresented in film and television hiring.” (What else is new?)

That’s why today’s Television Critics Association Awards nominations are a landmark of sorts — there isn’t a single white cis-male actor nominated in either of the categories for individual achievement in a TV drama or comedy — a first for the organization, which is comprised of more than 200 TV critics and journalists across the US and Canada, who are tasked with watching more TV than any one human should be exposed to on a daily basis.

The nominations are remarkable — not because they represent a shift in the way Hollywood is doing business, per se, but because the TV shows and networks that have made an effort to champion diversity in their programming and hiring practices are reaping the rewards in the form of quality shows, which are subsequently being recognized by critics and viewers. It’s the circle of Peak TV.

The TCA Awards have always maintained non-gendered nominations, meaning that unlike the Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, men and women are nominated in the same categories — something that the MTV Movie and TV Awards adopted this year to much fanfare.


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