Man gets $870,000 for losing healthy testicle to surgery


Mr. Steven Haines has been awarded $870000 million by Pennsylvania jury after he had the wrong testicle removed by his urologist.

He had been suffering chronic pain in his right testicle for around 15 years, before he opted to see a doctor.

The urologist, Dr. Spencer Long, in 2013, suggested surgery to remove the offending testicle.

The operation was performed at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, but sadly the doctor removed Mr Haines healthy left tesitcal.
The 54-year-old sued the surgeon.

A Huntingdon County jury sided with Haines and awarded him $A1.15 million – $A815000 for pain and suffering, and a further $A330,000 for punitive damages.
The urologist was found to be “reckless” by the jury for removing Haines’ healthy testicle.


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