Sex Slave Prisoner Found, Chained For Two Months Inside A Container By Serial Killer.

Police rescued a woman who was kept prisoner for two months by a serial killer and raped repeatedly. When police found the 30-year-old woman in a shipping container, she was sitting on the floor with chain around her neck.

Police have release a video of them releasing Kala Brown. The video also shows her captor, Todd Kohlhepp, confessing to killing 7 people in South Carolina.

He pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to life in prison.

Todd lures his victims by promising them work.

Todd was discovered after Kala and her boyfriend, Charles Carver, 32, went missing last November. When investigators went in search of Kala and  Charles last November, they found three  bodies on Todd’s property. After being rescued, on the way to the hospital, Kala told officers about how Todd confessed to killing a married couple before she was captured, and about killing four people at a Spartanburg County motorcycle shop – murders that were unsolved for 13 years. Todd also confessed after authorities let him talk to his mother and promised to give her money from his accounts.

On Friday, prosecutors released several videos, dozens of pictures and hundreds of pages of evidence against Todd. He bragged in one video about wearing gloves when loading his gun to assure no fingerprints were on the casings. Todd also killed 29-year-old Johnny Coxie and 26-year-old Leigh McCraw-Coxie in December 2015. They, like Carver and Brown, were lured to Todd’s land after he promised them work. Todd killed Coxie immediately and tried to keep McCraw-Coxie locked away, but he said he killed her after several days because she tried to burn the container after he gave her cigarettes.

“She wanted Little Caesar’s pizza. I hate that (expletive). It gives me heartburn,” Todd said. “Dr. Pepper, cinnamon rolls and freaking Newports. If you go down to that building, you’ll find an unused package of Newports that I bought for her.”

Todd denied killing anyone else,. though he admitted he shot a man in Arizona when he was 14, but could give few details. Todd moved to South Carolina in 2001 after 14 years in prison for a kidnapping in Arizona. Authorities there said the then 15-year-old Kohlhepp forced a 14-year-old neighbor back to his home at gunpoint, tied her up and raped her.

See the video of Kala being rescued by investigators below.


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