Style Inspiration: How To Style Your Yellow Shirt By Igee Okafor


Hey Fashionistos, On todays Style Inspiration, Igee Okafor gives us some tips on how to wear/style your yellow shirt. If you have a yellow shirt in your wardrobe, and you are wondering how and what to wear with it, think no more and read below how to Style and look dapper in yellow.


A casual button up shirt is one of those essentials every man should own but nothing says summertime like a bold colored casual button up shirt. Although quite the majority of men choose to shy away due to fright of potential styling complications, the fact remains that these complexes can be manipulated by primary styling formulas. For example as executed in the photographs above, color blocking.


Color blocking is one of the easy ways to liven up a look. Its meaning really profiles the piecing together of contrasting solid colors in each clothing item to create a full-on, cohesive look – usually more than one.


The key to successfully pulling this off is color coordinating appropriately to make sure all colors are balanced out. For example, if two or three colors are being used, there’s no need for all of them to be shouty or flamboyant. As shown in the photographs above, combining different variations of color composition is always a safe bet. It’s a fine way to make a shirt and trouser combination more interesting.


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