‘They are telling lies’ widower of late Chisom Anekwe gives rejoinder to Magodo Specialist Hospital’s statement on what happened to his wife

The Widower of Chisom Anekwe, who died while giving birth to her third child at the Magodo Specialist Hospital, has replied to the statement issued by the hospital.

About two weeks ago, the hospital sent out a statement telling their side of the story and explaining that they were not responsible for the death of Chisom, but Mr. Valentine Anekwe does not agree with their account of the incident and has sent in his own statement to counter it.

The grieving husband said that contrary to reports by the hospital that his wife refused admission despite doctors orders asking her to stay, she actually only returned home to get the N60,000 which the hospital demanded she brings before she can be admitted. He also countered claims made by the hospital that the deceased refused to take her drugs. He said he was in the hospital and saw his wife take her drugs.

He also revealed that the hospital sent him a medical report three days later and never mentioned that his wife was skipping treatment. The father-of-two went further to allege that doctors induced his wife without his permission, even after he had signed a consent form for surgery to commence.

Mr Anekwe lamented the death of his wife, saying that his life has not been the same since she passed. He said she was not just his wife, but also his best friend and he has been unable to come out or function properly since the incident and is just now coming to terms with her death.

He disclosed that he intends to get justice by first petitioning the Nigerian Medical Association, the Nigerian Dental Association and other medical groups. If he does not get a suitable response, he says will take the case to court.

See the statement sent by Valentine Anekwe below.

I just want to clarify some things regarding the statement from magodo specialist hospital, my wife did not declined admission on Wednesday  night she was asked to deposit 60,000naira before she can be admitted and she told them she’s not with any money or her card at that moment but the hospital insisted she has to make that deposit that was why she came back to the house that Wednesday night.

Less than 7mins Dr Olamijulo confirmed that my baby is no more, a CS form was giving to me to sign that he wants to do CS to get my dead baby out and I signed immediately I was told to deposit 300,000 for CS but before then I wanted to move my wife to another hospital which Dr Olamijulo convinced me not to that I will have logistics problem there because of the early hour just because of the 300,000 he wanted to collect from me.

We took my wife to theater for CS Dr Olamijulo told me to go to lab downstairs and donate blood that my wife will need the blood immediately after the CS but by the time I came back from lab my wife was not in the theater she was in labour room Dr Olamijulo had induce her without any consent from me, then I rushed to his office and asked him why didn’t he do the CS? He said to me, Mr Anekwe he realized that CS will cost me more that he’s not like other doctors who’s after money ( when I was told to deposit 300,000 I didn’t say a word like the money is big or something) that if my wife was in England the treatment she’s getting here is what she will get in England, He was able to convince me that my wife will be fine that I should stop disturbing my self. He never stop telling my wife about his experience in England that was why she trusted him so much.

I was In the hospital on Saturday night when drugs was giving to my wife and she took the drugs while the nurse was there and Dr Olamijulo issued a medical report after three days and how come he didn’t mention that my wife didn’t take her drugs and I was in the hospital early hour on sunday morning but he didn’t mention it at all. They are just telling a lot of lies.


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