‘You’ll never see our daughter again’ Husband says as he leaves country after wife got missing

British engineer Lewis Bennett, 38, has denied any wrongdoing over the suspected death of his wife Isabella Hellmann on the couple’s honeymoon.

He said Hellmann vanished from the deck of the boat the couple were sailing on when it hit an object while he was asleep on May 14. Her body has not been found.

But Bennett’s inlaws say they are suspicious of the way he reacted after his wife’s disappearance.

Hellmann’s sister Dayana told WPTV: ‘He was calm, he wasn’t crying or anything. When I saw him I ran to him and I hugged him and I said where is Isabella? And he said I don’t know.’

Despite being asked several questions about the disappearance, which he said was the result of a collision, she said he revealed little about what happened.

Dayana stated she had pressed him on why he didn’t stop the boat and drop the anchor, but was baffled by his answer.

She said: ‘And he said he needed to keep the boat on track, so his priority was to keep the boat on track.

‘I asked him, do you think she’s alive? Do you think she’s dead? And he said “I think she’s asleep.” That was his answer.’

Dayana also claimed that Bennett had fled the country with nine-month-old daughter Emelia.

‘He said: “Move, move I’m leaving and you’re not going to see the baby again”, and my mom passed out on the floor,’ she claimed.

The allegations come days after Bennett denied having done anything that led to Hellmann’s death.



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