Scott Disick hops from girl to girl, therapists explain the ‘science’ behind his ravenous womanizing

Scott Disick has said that he is a ‘horrible sex addict’.

The father-of-three confessed to his ‘condition’ earlier this month on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

His ex Kourtney, the mother of his children, confronted him about being spotted with several different women during a family vacation.

In response, the 34-year-old claimed he is addicted to womanizing and sex.

And he was true to his word in Cannes last week.

Luxuriating in the French city during the film festival, Disick was pictured flirting with Sofia Richie, 18, canoodling with Bella Thorne, former flame Chloe Bartoli, UK blogger Maggie Petrova, and two other scantily-clad women – all in a five-day span.

Although the habit has been traditionally written off as an ‘excuse’ for philandering celebrities, many scientists disagree.

The symptoms of sex addiction were first defined officially in a study done by the University of California Los Angeles in 2012.

Since, a recent University of Cambridge study found one in 25 millennials are now addicted to sex – a rising number that they believe is fueled by the internet porn industry.

Here, we speak to a group of sex therapists about what it means to be addicted to sex, when to realize it is a problem, and how to get treatment.



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