‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe”: Internet mercilessly mocks Trump after he posts incoherent misspelled tweet


Donald Trump has been mercilessly mocked online after he posted a rambling and misspelled late night tweet – just hours after Press Secretary Sean Spicer fled his first press conference since the president returned to the US amid a reporter revolt.

‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe’, President Trump tweeted after midnight on Tuesday.

‘Covfefe’ has since become the top trending topic in the US as thousands of hilarious memes flooded Twitter to mock the bizarre tweet.


Many joked the half-finished tweet, which has not yet been deleted, was the result of one of Trump’s aides ripping his phone from his hands.

Others claimed it was a new take on Trump’s famous slogan, which is now: ‘Make America covfefe again!’

Some expressed concern for the president, suggesting he may have had a ‘stroke’ mid-type, while others wanted to know why no one at the White House appeared to have noticed the tweet for at least an hour.

‘Is everyone in the White House asleep right now???’ one user tweeted.

‘It’s the new upcoming Starbucks drinks. It’s orange vanilla with a borscht swirl. They make the whip cream look like a white hood,’ another joked.


Elyse Johnson‏ added: ‘Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s #Covfefe.’

Other tweets joked ‘covfefe’ could be anything from the nuclear launch codes to the title of a new release at cinemas soon, to the thing you make when life gives you lemons.

The businessman-turned-politician appears to have been writing ‘despite the constant negative press coverage…’ but we may never know what then end of that sentence should have been.

Of course, it is not the first time someone in Trump’s administration has made a Twitter blunder.

White House press secretary Spicer posted what appeared to be a random assortment of letters and numbers in January – which many took to be his password or joked it could be the nuclear codes.

Trump’s rambling tweet on Tuesday night came just hours after Spicer dramatically exited the White House press briefing – his first day back at the podium since the president returned from his overseas trip – amid a reporter revolt over his attack on ‘fake news’.



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