German ‘SUPER’ wasps which repeatedly sting people are threatening to invade British gardens this summer

A huge ‘super wasp’ which can repeatedly sting people could appear in your garden this summer.

The German or European wasp, which is roughly half an inch long, are larger than standard wasps and are recognisable from their three black spots on their faces.

Now experts have said the increased temperatures could lead to a rise in breeding from the yellowjacket wasps.


Other experts have said not to ‘smoke them out’ or anger them, as they could swarm.

According to, the wasp can be recognised from its black antennae, the thoracic stripes (which usually bulge in the middle) and its four yellow spots at the rear of the thorax.

While the wasps can inhabit anywhere, they’re known to populate the South of England and the East Midlands in Leicestershire and Rutland.




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