Ask the pharmacist: Where should you be keeping your medicines?


Q: Where should I keep my medicines?

 A: Medicines can go off if exposed to moisture, heat or sunlight so store in a dry, cool place (below 25c) says Colin Dougall, of LloydsPharmacy, based in Glasgow.


Avoid keeping them in the bathroom cabinet (because it tends to be damp), or a kitchen cupboard above the oven.

Tablets and capsules now often come in blister strips that protect them from moisture, but you should still take care with storage because if they go off, they may not work as well.

Certain medicines need to be kept in the fridge, including eye drops such as chloramphenicol (for bacterial conjunctivitis), and liquid antibiotics (often given to children and adults with swallowing difficulties) as they are temperature sensitive and once opened only keep for a number of days.

Some people store Calpol in the fridge but you don’t need to — the medicine label will state if it’s meant to be


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