‘I’m sorry, I can’t mess this up for him’: Tearful Adele stops Grammy Awards tribute to George Michael mid-song after swearing before starting over



  • The 28-year-old had started singing a pared-down version of Fast Love
  •  But she stopped the song after accidentally singing the line ‘all this bullsh*t conversation’
  • She apologized profusely for swearing and asked to start over 
  • She was clearly devastated by the flub and close to tears after the performance
  • She received cheers of support and sympathy from the crowd which included Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez
  • This is the second time Adele has had problems during a Grammys performance
  • Last year her performance of All I Ask was plagued by technical issues

    She might have a whole shelf of them — but the Grammys are definitely NOT Adele’s favourite award show.

    The 28-year-old singer had yet another moment to forget on Sunday when she flubbed a live tribute to George Michael.

    She was half a verse into a pared-down version of the late singer’s Fast Love, when disaster struck.

    After a wobbly start she accidentally sang the uncensored version of the line ‘all this bulls**t conversation,’, which completely threw her off, and she called for a re-do.

    ‘I know it’s live TV; I’m sorry I can’t do it again, like last year,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry for swearing. I’m sorry for starting again. Can we please start it again?

    She added: ‘I’m sorry — I cant mess this up for him. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for swearing! I’m really sorry. Sorry.’

    As a close up of her face was shown on screen, the distraught singer then clearly muttered the word ‘f***.’

  • kjgbuk..jpg

    But, with rousing support from the crowd, she gathered herself and started from the top, this time acing the dissonant, slowed-down version of the Wham legends disco track.

    Tears welled in her eyes as she finished, in a mirror of last year’s performance which was plagued with technical difficulties.

    A production source told People magazine that Adele was ‘super nervous’ before the show even began.

    ‘She was super nervous going into tonight. She cleared out the stadium for her rehearsal but it went really well,’ they told the publication.

    Her worry was understandable – at last year’s ceremony, her rendition of All I Ask was embarrassingly hit by sound issues, through no fault of her own.jkglu.jpgjkb.jpgkj.jpg

    Oh no! Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez watched on with support and sympathy


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