25 of the most unusual hotels in the world that everyone should experience

Modern hotel owners find it more and more difficult to surprise their visitors, but luckily there are still several hotels out there in the world that will arouse the interest of even the savviest of tourists. Some of them amaze a person from outside, others offer luxurious interiors and breathtaking views from their rooms, and yet other ones astonish the guests by their unique atmosphere.

Marqués De Riscal — Elciego, Spain

This futuristic hotel and winery was constructed in Elciego, and is based on a project by the legendary Frank Gehry. The building constitutes a number of prismatic blocks that seemingly float above the ground thanks to their bearings. The compound consists of the hotel itself, a couple of restaurants, and a spa center that offers ’wine therapy’.

Sheraton Hot Spring Resort — Huzhou, China

This resort hotel is built in the shape of a ring nestled on the shore of the beautiful Lake Taihu. The compound amazes onlookers with its grace and has become one of the major symbols of contemporary Chinese architecture.

Kakslauttanen — Saariselka, Finland

Kakslauttanen holiday resort is located in Lapland, the home of Santa Claus, and offers its guests a chance to stay in one of its 20 glass igloos, each with a transparent ceiling that allows you to gaze at the marvellous starry night sky without leaving the comfort of your bed. Despite the seeming fragility of these little dwellings, they are warm and cozy even when it’s freezing outside.

Le Manta Resort — Zanzibar, Tanzania

One of the accommodation options at Le Manta Resort is a floating house with an underwater room. The deck allows visitors to sunbathe during the day and stargaze at night, and the huge bedroom windows offer a magic panorama of underwater life. This is a true paradise for divers and those who like unusual pastimes.

Leaprus eco-hotel — Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

One of the highest hotels in the world (12,834 ft), Leaprus clings to the southern slope of Mount Elbrus. Its rooms resemble spaceship capsules. The bedrooms accommodate 12-18 people, and there is also a common room. Another one of the hotel’s peculiarities is that all the energy it uses is generated by solar batteries. This place has become a major attraction for all those who love winter holidays.

Conrad Maldives — Rangali and Rangalifinolu islands, Maldives

This hotel is located in the southern part of Ari Atoll, surrounded by lush tropical forest, vast white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters with coral reefs and rich underwater life. The main attraction of Conrad Maldives is its underwater restaurant, with its glass roof that allows the guests to watch the fish swim by.

Hanging Gardens — Ubud, Indonesia

The Hanging Gardens hotel consists of separate traditional Balinese villas with private terrace pools where you can swim and enjoy the amazing views around you. This place is so quiet and peaceful that you’d never guess it was a hotel at all — you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Aqua Blu Resort — Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Aqua Blu Resort is actually a part of the most famous waterpark in Egypt. The compound has three swimming pools, 32 waterslides, and its own embankment with cafes and stores, which you could ride along on a real gondola, and most of this abundance is in the open air. Aqua Blu Resort is almost unique in that it’s a hotel that’s part of a waterpark, and not vice versa. Sometimes you wonder what attracts the tourists more — the quiet seashore vacation or wild partying and riding down waterslides. Everyone has their own reasons.

Katikies Hotel-Oia — Santorini island, Greece

Katikies is a small and charming hotel perched on the cliffs of the caldera of the Santorini island in the Aegean Sea. The visitors have a unique opportunity to marvel at the majestic views from the terrace villas and private swimming pools. This is the place where you can imagine yourself being Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the seas.

Ecocamp Patagonia — Torres del Paine, Chile

This hotel is an amazing combination of luxury and working in harmony with the environment. Each room is a hemispheric tent with all the comforts of civilization, while the hotel itself is built from eco-friendly materials and utilizes renewable energy resources.

Quinta Actual — Zacatecas, Mexico

Quinta Actual was built on the site of a restored building that surrounded a bullring from the 19th century. The apartments are situated underneath the wood and stone arches of the San Pedro plaza, where previously the bold toreros fought ferocious beasts to death. This place is the a nexus of Mexican history and culture.

Montana Magica Lodge — Neltume, Chile

This fairy-tale conical structure could easily be mistaken for part of the jungle if not for the window-panes on its sides. Another peculiarity of this hotel is that it has no entrance as we know it — instead, the guests have to cross a hanging bridge. On the even more exotic side, bathtubs here are made of whole wooden logs.

Giraffe Manor — Nairobi, Kenya

This Nairobi suburb would not be so interesting if it didn’t have the unbelievable six-room hotel called Giraffe Manor, built in the 19th century and right in the middle of a local giraffe safari park. The close proximity of the graceful savannah dwellers makes the stay here an unforgettable experience — giraffes visit the guests during their breakfast, and they are allowed to feed the animals with the food from bags that can be found in every room.

Villa Escudero — Quezon, Philippines

Villa Escudero opened its doors for visitors in 1981, and since then it has become world famous. Here you will find a well-known private museum exhibiting a large collection of historical and cultural artefacts, and there are even amazing man-made waterfalls — you can sit close by and enjoy traditional Filipino food and drinks.

Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel — Harads, Sweden

This mirror cube reflects the trees, the forest glade, and the sky — in other words, everything that surrounds it, and the unaided eye will not even register it at first. The interior of the hotel, on the other hand, is finished in birch-tree plywood. Inside there is a bedroom with a large bed, a parlor, a bathroom, and even a roof terrace. This ’’treehouse’’ will definitely attract the attention of those who want to be at one with nature.

Capsule Inn Akihabara — Tokyo, Japan

Capsule Inn Akihabara is a place where you can take some rest in a special box — a sleeping capsule — arranged as two rows one atop the other. Each capsule is equipped with a bed, a hanging TV set, and a radio. The boxes look much like sleeping couches in train compartments, and the interior of the hotel is done in a minimalistic style typical of Japanese culture.

Rogner Bad Blumau — Bad Blumau, Austria

This famous resort is based on the design of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian architect and artist. There are no straight lines, smooth walls, or familiar rectangular shapes here — every building has its own unique structure and appearance. The visitors of this compound will definitely feel like they’re in Wonderland — look out for the white rabbit!

Prahran Hotel — Melbourne, Australia

The reconstruction of the old hotel building in Melbourne ended in an industrial revolution — Prahran Hotel has restored the original design, the main element of which is the facade made of concrete culverts.

Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort — Matera, Italy

The Italian city of Matera offers its visitors a chance to become cavemen — the old part of it is carved out of a cliff at a Unesco World Heritage Site. Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort has adopted the cave design as its main attraction, although the guests will have all the mod-cons unknown to those who dwelled in this place thousands of years ago.

Hang Nga Guesthouse & Art Gallery — Dalat, Vietnam

When visiting this hotel you’ll feel like you’re living in the world of ’’Robinson Crusoe’’. The compound consists of five-storied towers that look like giant tree stumps. They’re so flexible that the walls seem to flow right into the floors, and surrounding the resort is a ring of unbelievable animals and mysterious creatures.

Attrap Reves Hotel — Allauch, France

Translated from French, ’’Attrap’Rêves’’ means ’’the dreamcatcher’’ – the hotel consists of transparent boxes that look like huge bubbles, and all of them are situated deep in the woods under the sky. One more peculiar thing about this hotel is that the guests are given a telescope and a star map.

Dog Bark Park Inn — Idaho, USA

This American hotel is one of the most unusual inns in the world — it looks like a giant dog, and in its belly are small but cozy rooms. You can’t help but wonder exactly who came up with this brilliant idea in the first place.

Radisson Blu Lodge — Berlin, Germany

The main attraction and decoration of this stylish hotel is undoubtedly the world’s biggest cylindrical fish tank. There are 427 rooms in the compound, all of which are luxurious. The Radisson Blu Lodge is rightfully one of the main sights of contemporary Berlin.

Marina Bay Sands — Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious hotel and casino in Singapore that incorporates three 55-storied towers, each 660 feet in height, supporting a long gondola-shaped terrace with a swimming pool and a garden. There are 2,561 rooms here, as well as an exhibition center, a museum, two big theaters, seven restaurants, and two ice-skating rinks.

Ice Hotel — Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

This architectural masterpiece made of snow and ice is already 25 years old. The construction supplies are taken from the nearby Torne River, but each spring the ice melts, and the rooms look different from year to year — the walls, decorations, and furniture are never the same. Along with their room keys, the visitors receive thermal underwear, warm hats, and sleeping bags. However, no matter how cold it is outside, the interiors of the Ice Hotel are never cooler than 19.4 degrees Fahrenheit.


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