Melting Butter is the online source for curated travel hotspots for the aesthetically inclined, cultivated traveler. We’re looking for a smart, design-savvy editorial intern with excellent taste and

Image courtesy of The Game Designstore Brussels


Who is Melting Butter?

Melting Butter is a young team of well-traveled writers, editors, producers and creatives. Our team is dedicated to curating places and experiences around the world for our audience of global citizens who appreciate aesthetics, quality and culture.

Being a fast growing and globally dispersed team bursting with ideas naturally comes with its own set of challenges so we need a super bright, hungry intern to help us take those challenges on.

Editorial Development, Experiential Event Production & Content Marketing Internship

Editorial Responsibilities:

You will manage and own the editorial process from pitch to posting and promoting. Day-to-day you’ll be in constant communication with our global stable of contributors ensuring that all the elements of a high quality piece of content have been considered and taken care of. You’ll also get to research and write your own stories for Melting Butter.

Your most important prerogative is to maintain and improve on the high standard of editorial we bring to our readers.

Experiential Events Responsibilities:

There’s so much else we do aside from editorial to bring our version of the curated life to our community. Experiential events curated and produced in-house are important for our business strategy and you will be an integral part of making it all happen. You’ll be called on for everything from creative brainstorming, working on pitches for our brand partners, to diving in and managing the production of our events (of course you’ll be asked to represent Melting Butter at the events too!)

What kind of person are you?

  • You’re a bright spark who is hungry to learn about how the new guard of online media does business.
  • You have exquisite taste and you’re ruthless when it comes to knowing what’s good (and most importantly, what isn’t)
  • You’re all about aesthetics and style and this reflects in how you present yourself in every aspect of your life – even your Pinterest account is full of gorgeously curated imagery
  • Travel, food, art, fashion and music are the things that make you happy


  • You’re ideally based out of New York City
  • You’re available at least 1-2 full days per week
  • You’re willing and able to work in an unpaid capacity in return for invaluable experience.

What you’ll get out of an internship at Melting Butter:

  • Valuable experience running and growing an editorial business and real event production experience. You’ll be in charge of your own important projects that don’t involve getting coffee (unless it’s for yourself).
  • Melting Butter operates like a boutique creative agency servicing lifestyle brand partners. You’ll learn the ins and outs of how agency businesses operate from pitching, communication strategy, creative development, account management and production.
  • You’ll get to work side by side with our experienced founder Jenny Nguyen-Barron and learn all about creative business.
  • You’ll get true start-up experience and the opportunity to build your CV and writing portfolio
  • And at times, you get to enjoy the lovely perks of being part of Melting Butter’s editorial team: Travel, lunches and dinners, openings, press events etc

How to Apply:

Head to our Jobs page for details on how to apply

Good luck!

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